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BuildPay will soon be the undisputed industry leader in construction funds control technology. Our patent pending technology eliminates working capital, accounts receivable and credit constraints on all sizes and types of construction projects… the direct benefit of all participants, in a nearly $2 trillion industry nationwide.  BuildPay is a highly scalable startup company with strategic investor funding that expects enormous growth in 2019 and beyond.  BuildPay offers competitive salaries, challenging work opportunities, and considerable career growth options in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment.

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Technology Junkies

We hear it all the time….”construction technology isn’t sexy”.  But, if you see things that others don’t and want a chance to help build something that’s never been done before we might be a match.  Around here we say “all construction has only one thing in common; it’s all supposed to get paid for”.   That means all that data comes along on the ride.  Thinking AI & machine learning, blockchain, drones, FinTech, big data, Building Information Modeling (BIM), catastrophe supply chains, mobile apps …. we touch all that and much, much more. 


Startup Aficionados

Plan synergistically, execute violently, adjust accordingly. If you can roll with the punches, down a picture of raw eggs, and you revel in rising before the sun, we should talk.  It’s hard.  It’s rewarding like no other job.


Construction Zealots

You love making things happen and once you bite into a mission you’re a pit-bull with lockjaw!  If your level of grit is incurable – like ours is – (self-check here: and nobody gets you, we do!   Eighty years of the worst productivity of any industry in the world.  It’s time build a team that can start doing what nobody thinks will ever be changed.


Payment Mongers

Moving the goliath payment and insurance industries is like changing the direction of a battleship with a row boat.  Fortunately, we’ve been rowing our arms off for more than a decade and now we’re getting some favorable tides to help us.  We are way ahead of the curve and plan to use our patent pending payment solutions to truly shift a paradigm.

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Why We Built It

Steve Wightman

Steve Wightman

Founder & CEO

“In 1992 Hurricane Andrew went through Florida and hit Louisiana. I was sent by my employer, an insurance company, to help rebuild the estimated $14 million in school losses as quickly as possible.

When things fall apart, the insurance and construction industry have an opportunity. People depend on them. And the responsibility is huge. Multiply that responsibility by thousands and the weight is paralyzing – and exactly my personal feeling from a rooftop after Hurricane Andrew. The reconstruction challenges…endless. And the systems in place to respond…non-existent. People needed us. And we couldn’t move.

It was on that rooftop that the idea for a better payment system was built. A payment system hardwired into all the providers of work and materials with action-inducing cash-flow provided by insurance co’s with the obligation to pay. Writing checks to property owners and leaving them to solve the catastrophic problem made no sense.  In fact, writing checks through a chain of contractors, subs, and suppliers does not make sense on any project.

‘Free the cash. Fix the chain. Organize the flow.’ has been my personal and professional mantra. After years of commitment, I’m proud to say that the reconstruction is complete. BuildPay is here.”



All construction has one thing in common: it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay is the only company that’s connected at every stage of the project lifecycle and is leveraging advantages from the promises that we make sure are kept.

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