The Technology

WEB-BASED and Mobile Optimized

BuildPay’s technology is a web-based, secure platform for connecting everyone (and we mean everyone) on a construction project to their payment.

Payments at the speed of work

Construction ranks last in the world for length of accounts recievable and working capital. It’s high time that payments catch up to the speed of work!

How it Works

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BuildPay Technology
Contract Sum Committed/Acknowledged Direct ACH Payment Flow Payment Request/Approval Funder Owner General Contractor Subcontractors Material Suppliers

Contract Sum Committed/Acknowledged

Every BuildPay project begins with a private memorialization of the agreed-upon contract amount between two users . Everyone else on the project can simply see that you're in 100% agreement.


Direct ACH Payment Flow

When the work is approved and the materials are purchased, payment moves directly to it's end destination. Materials are paid for without trade credit, and your payment can never be held in the wrong hands.

Payment Request/Approval

After budgets are established and work starts, payments are requested in the BuildPay system based on whatever schedule or interval is normal. Payment approval settings can be changed depending on job requirements.


The "funder" is anyone providing construction funding on a project - an insurance company with a property loss or losses after a large event, a bank providing a construction loan, or a government entity with a public works project.


The owner on the project is invited by their funder. Owners are free to choose their own contractor and can immediately benefit from using BuildPay.

General Contractor

The general contractor invites his subs and memorializes his agreements with them. By default, payments for all the work he approves will be paid out the moment that he gets paid - reducing risk.


Subcontractors, and anyone who needs to procure materials, are issued a BuildPay materials card that's linked to the project's materials budget. BuildPay is free to use for anyone providing work and materials.

Material Suppliers

Material suppliers are provided a BuildPay card reader that accepts BuildPay material cards. There are no transaction fees for BuildPay purchases and payments are made directly as soon as the materials walk out the door.

Why We Built it

Steve Wightman

Steve Wightman

Founder & CEO

“In 1992 Hurricane Andrew went through Florida and hit Louisiana. I was sent by my employer, an insurance company, to help rebuild the estimated $14 million in school losses as quickly as possible.

When things fall apart, the insurance and construction industry have an opportunity. People depend on them. And the responsibility is huge. Multiply that responsibility by thousands and the weight is paralyzing – and exactly my personal feeling from a rooftop after Hurricane Andrew. The reconstruction challenges…endless. And the systems in place to respond…non-existent. People needed us. And we couldn’t move.

It was on that rooftop that the idea for a better payment system was built. A payment system hardwired into all the providers of work and materials with action-inducing cash-flow provided by insurance co’s with the obligation to pay. Writing checks to property owners and leaving them to solve the catastrophic problem made no sense.  In fact, writing checks through a chain of contractors, subs, and suppliers does not make sense on any project.

‘Free the cash. Fix the chain. Organize the flow.’ has been my personal and professional mantra. After years of commitment, I’m proud to say that the reconstruction is complete. BuildPay is here.”



All construction has one thing in common: it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay is the only company that’s connected at every stage of the project lifecycle and is leveraging advantages from the promises that we make sure are kept.

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