Elite Material Locating Services

Sourcing discontinued, rare, and hard-to-find building materials for insurance companies


Exposure increases when the loss includes materials, like roof tiles, that have been discontinued or are otherwise unobtainable.


BuildPay’s network of material providers provides constantly changing data that allows BuildPay to source hard-to-find materials.


Rebuilding with elite sourced materials significantly reduces build time and total exposure, especially in large event scenarios.

Real Sourcing Stories

Finding 3 “discontinued” tiles for repair on a project near Miami saved $191K in replacement cost

100 “discontinued” tiles were located to avoid replacing a 185,000 sf roof and saved $4.2m on the full replacement estimate

228 discontinued tiles were located in South America and saved $1.6m in replacement cost

On a site near Naples, 150 discontinued tiles were located for repair that saved $2.4 million in replacement cost

All construction has one thing in common: it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay is the only company that’s connected at every stage of the project lifecycle and is leveraging advantages from the promises that we make sure are kept.

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