What’s New in Version 1.52


What’s New
  • With help from @Plaid, bank accounts can now be verified instantly using your online banking credentials (microdeposit verification works too, don’t worry).
  • Enhancements to the Contractor Curtain™ make it easier to protect the privacy of the contracts and agreements you make. You can read more about it on our blog at ( in a new tab)
  • A new view of contractor/subcontractor progress on the Members tab includes the percentage of contract complete and the status of each members’ agreements in the system.
  • If you buy materials on a project, the value of your materials budget is now automatically loaded onto your BuildPay materials card; helping you get back to work faster.
  • We’ve built a handy reminder banner so that BuildPay can display important information to users. It’s yellow, you can’t miss it.
  • Unicode characters are no longer supported as field input. If you try to use them, we’ll display a nice, orderly error message.
  • Very rarely, the link to a user’s bank account would break because of changes outside of BuildPay’s control. An easy-to-use repair link will now appear in those situations.
  • There’s now a character limit on the “Bank Account Nickname” field. It was getting out of hand.
  • Upgraded the BuildPay developers’ building environments to Ubuntu 18.04
  • Updated Angular


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