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Growth in construction is expected to continue to accelerate into 2020.Projected to be one of the fastest growing industries by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a report from Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC), the construction industry as we know it is changing rapidly.

With growth will come new technologies that promote worker safety, efficiency, job site visibility, and payment connectivity (ahem, BuildPay). Internet-connected devices and applications will connect everyone on a project in ways that have never been possible.

Given the scale of our industry, construction has always been too big and too fragmented to centralize controls. But succeeding despite construction chaos is also something we need to admit we take some pride in. Right or wrong, new technologies are disrupting the way we’ve always done things (like for decades!). At risk are our trade secrets, project buyout pricing, and the general privacy that good old-fashioned paper processes provide…if you can’t see that’s coming to an end…you’re probably nearing retirement (in all due respect – thank you for your service).

So, in this new age of emerging operability, cloud-based platforms, and more-and-more transparency – how do you avoid revealing competitive advantages and key relationships developed over a long time?

The information you chose is protected with BuildPay’s Contractor Curtain™. Think shower curtain that can be pulled to protect your privacy or opened when you just don’t care. The functionality is simple: the value of any agreement you make, payment you approve, or material you buy should only be visible to you and the people that should have that information. Any other users on the project you chose can view percentage complete values – just like today.

At BuildPay, we know full-well that exceptions are the rule in construction, so we built the Contractor Curtain™ with flexibility and familiarity in mind.

A construction boon is overdue, but the technology to improve our industry’s productivity-potential is a more than a few laps behind “overdue.” The emerging technologies in this space will change the sites we work at, and BuildPay’s objective to deliver major payment advantages will let you do what you do best: build. Well, at least stop chasing your money.

All construction has one thing in common: it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay is the only company that’s connected at every stage of the project lifecycle and is leveraging advantages from the promises that we make sure are kept.

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