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FinTECH for Construction

All construction has only one thing in common; it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay offers financial technology (FinTech) that supplants check writing to assure that rapid payment is properly distributed from end to end in the normal project payment chain without changing the rules. The solution prevents friction in the payment chain, while protecting funds, reducing risk and mimicking normal payment processes for all users on any project.


  • INSURANCE COMPANIES paying for reconstruction of a property loss or losses 
  • CONSTRUCTION LENDERS paying for new construction or remodels
  • GOVERNMENT paying for public works & infrastructure projects

Competitive Advantage

The construction industry leads the world for its length of accounts receivable, working capital limitations and 80 incredible years of stagnant productivity.  Construction funding institutions have a very real stake in reducing the poor project cash flow distribution on projects, which leads to accelerated work (driven by accelerated payments) for your customers.

State of the Art TECHNOLOGY

BuildPay can convert existing data into a disaster-wide shopping list & link every involved provider of oversight, work, and materials to an efficient supply chain. 

Catastrophe Reconstruction Management

Large reconstruction efforts, especially after a catastrophe, are chaotic. Without active recovery coordination, inefficiency, profound delay, and exploitation schemes flourish. BuildPay’s technology uses insurers’ and mortgagees’ untapped information and financial influence to reverse disaster recovery’s worst problems.

BETTER THAN Market Pricing

BuildPay’s financial technology leverages funders’ obligation to pay in order to reverse demand surge, construction provider payment risk, contractor trade credit, working capital constraints, information shortfalls, and lethargic recovery.


THE PROBLEM WITH CONSTRUCTION TODAY: The construction industry suffers from the worst cash-flow and accounts receivable of any major industry in the world. Even if you expect to pay your contractor on time, subcontractors and material providers expect to wait to get paid and they factor that past history into their pricing. 

PAYMENT & Procurement transparency

By providing end-to-end payment status transparency – including material procurement receipts – project health can be monitored in real-time to head off common problems when payment anywhere in the chain stalls. Project payment and performance risks are dramatically reduced.

ACCELERATED Project Delivery

Competition is attracted, productivity improves, and work accelerates when providers of oversight, work, and materials are assured rapid payment without needing to rely on inadequate trade credit and working capital limiters. These newfound efficiencies enable lower bids with higher margins at every link in the payment chain.

move to the front of the line

During disaster recovery, demand for reconstruction is high. With BuildPay, your project is prioritized because of the payment advantages, so you can get back to normal faster. Ask your bank or your insurance company about BuildPay.


We get it. The construction business is one of the toughest in the world. And getting paid for it – consistently and on time – is tougher still. With BuildPay, the days of chasing down payments and stretching credit are gone. BuildPay is a new way to manage payments and expenses for any construction project. It’s an online banking platform that memorializes your promises with partners and replaces check writing. The trustworthiness of a firm handshake is restored.

Your agreements, your terms

Your contract is memorialized in BuildPay’s system, and the contracts you make are too. Submit change orders & supplements all you want – it’s your project. It’s our job to make sure your payment only goes to you, and that everyone is in 100% agreement.

Projects were built to be completely flexible, supporting all project and contract types without changing the way you do business or the tools you already use. Features like PayWhenPaid and PayBeforePaid ensure that everyone on the project is paid at the interval they need and are used to.

It's Free

BuildPay is free to anyone providing work and/or materials on the project. No fees, no subscriptions, no factoring.

No Working CApital Needed

Materials are purchased with BuildPay material cards, not your capital or credit.

BUilT BY YOu, FOR you

We’ve been in your shoes, and so we know what you need. BuildPay’s technology is driven by construction-minded people that care about making sure construction is paid for the way it’s supposed to be.


THE PROBLEM WITH CONSTRUCTION TODAY: Suppliers can sometimes feel like they are more in the banking industry than the materials business. Helping builders succeed is their job and their passion. But the credit burden and the risk they bear limits their ability to deliver as much as possible. With BuildPay, those days are over. Project money is pre-loaded onto debit cards and put into the hands of contractors. Payment is instant and the pain of waiting on account receivables is removed.

No more "Being the bank"

On BuildPay projects, materials are purchased with BuildPay materials cards, which are connected directly to project funds. Materials are paid for before they even walk out the door.

Zero transaction fees

Unlike other card transactions, BuildPay transactions have no transaction fees. Our reader is placed at your location(s) with a one-time installation fee.

Dedicated team

BuildPay’s team is dedicated to making sure the materials you provide are paid for when you provide them. Our suite of technology solutions was built to accomodate all types of point of sale systems currently in place, without changing your setup. The BuildPay team is ready to help whenever it’s needed.

All construction has one thing in common: it’s all supposed to get paid for. BuildPay is the only company that’s connected at every stage of the project lifecycle and is leveraging advantages from the promises that we make sure are kept.

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